We’re Going to the Top

We’re Going to the Top


Matjaž Triplat is the head coach of the Slovenian national women's ski jumping team, who has very high goals for the team’s first season in the World Cup.  Although some of the girls are injured and will not be able to compete this year, the team has not lowered their ambitions.

The first events are behind you. Are you satisfied with the organizers' attitude and the organization itself? Do you feel they are any less professional compared to the work they do at men’s events?

Not at all. The organization was the same as with men’s events. We have a different coordinator, but the competitions take place in the same venues and we are provided the same support. They also use the same technology.

Your protégées achieved excellent results in World Cup and Continental Cup events. Are you pleased with their achievements?

I am satisfied with the initial stage, although I am a little less happy about the technical execution, as certain shortcomings have become evident.  We must work on overcoming them during the season.

On what level are the girls compared to their competitors?

At the initial event in Lillehammer, the American team stood out unsurprisingly, as individual jumpers have performed up to 150 jumps. They beat all European jumpers, including the Scandinavian countries. But we should not make too big of a deal out of this as the same happened last year.

What kind of results would please you personally?

I probably set our goals much higher than the girls. Due to injuries, we are missing our best competitor, Eva Logar, with whom we could have certainly competed for the top places. I hope we can keep improving on our results and end the season as one of the most successful countries.

Have the girls reached their top form yet or are their best results yet to come?

As there was only one World Cup event in December, we remain focused on January and February, when many more competitions will be held. So I expect them to peak during these two months.

Will you also work on improving their form for the home World Cup competition in Ljubno?

We haven't focused on this event in particular. We will be in solid shape during that period, but we must also make it to the World Junior Championships, which is our main goal, since we have a relatively young team. (rk)